Luna's story:


Currently living in New York City, I am a newly certified life coach and have experience reading tarot cards for more than ten years. I've always been interested in psychology and the mysteries of the world that remain unseen. I've always been an idealist believing in the best possible outcomes. I grew up with many struggles, health, relationships, family and I overcame very much with a lot effort on my part. I can't say that I could have done it without the people held space for me to grow into the person who I am today. I want to do the same for others where a sacred space is held for them so that they may grow and achieve what they would like to achieve, and obtain what they would like to obtain. Personal fulfillment and happiness are not foolish goals. They are the most important aspects of living. Some of personal interests include holistic health, organic health food, incense, meditation, positive affirmations, modeling, yoga, exercise, nature, animals, fashion, photography, art, writing, modeling, comics and anime. 

What tarot means to me

Tarot card readings are all about perception and what you take from them. What you take from a reading means a lot about you and your perception and that itself is a tool for self growth and self discovery. An outcome is never destined as the outcome of a reading is only based upon the current happenings. If you change or recourse the outcome can always change. Which is why in my opinion tarot readings are not something to be fearful of or to be seen as spooky. I don't wish to take away the shock factor, but readings are about self discovery and awareness as much as they are about divination and seeing the unseen.

Life coaching is all about what is mentioned above: holding space for another person. I am not a mentor where I position myself to know better than the person that I am working with. I position myself so that I am working with a person at their pace and their point of growth. In a sense I am a catalyst that helps hold others accountable, ignites inspiration and new possibilities. I am not a therapist, but someone who gives you the tools that you use to find ways to upkeep with your goals and find the strength in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Life coaching is all about enabling you to tap into your personal power and your strength so that you can achieve your desires and goals.

What life coaching means to me



Lady Luna

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