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In a 15 minute reading is souly focused on answering specific questions. Make sure you're sure about what you want to ask and use your time wisely.

In a 30 minute reading we are also focusing on answering specific questions, but have more time to gain further insight from extra cards. We can also use this time instead for more concrete spreads for this reading, but be aware that some spreads take more time and are often more concrete so we may not have the time to answer excess questions or have time to access further cards to enlighten us on what comes up. We will always end with a closing spread.


In a 45 minute reading I prefer to do a celtic cross spread if we choose to do a spread. We also have the ability to answer a lot of extra questions on top of doing the spread, or using extra cards to gain more insight from what the spread has revealed.

In a 60 minute reading you get a celtic cross spread that answers a question or area of your life in detail, extra cards for further insight of what is revealed, and extra questions that may or may not relate to the original question. This is perfect for relationships, area of life that seek clarity or improvement.

Phone reading advice

Make sure you are in a quiet place so that we can focus on the reading.

Have your questions and idea of what you want the reading to be about thought out in advance.

We have a respect for each others time we do not hold each other over the phone past the time selected.

All questions may not be able to be answered, I do not have the ability to answer everything.

Exact time frames for the happenings that are predicted take time and are tricky.

The readings are accurate based upon what is currently happening, outcomes can always change based on external factors, your choices, and your growth. Free will is something all humans possess.

Things can change, so if you don't like the outcome of your reading we will look at other options to see what we can do to give you the best insight on how to handle what is currently going on.

Interrupting me can disrupt the energy flow of the service I am providing, but interjections and collaborative approach towards seeking the answers are encouraged.

Buying a reading

Once you've bought one of the readings below, please email me at so we can schedule your reading. I am mostly available from morning until evening. I am sometimes available outside of those times. If you have a hectic schedule and find it hard to make time it is best to email me first before buying any reading.

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30  minute




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