Book a Tarot Card Reading with Lady Luna

Anxious to find out some divine responses to a question you can't get off your mind?


Looking to find self depth, growth and clarity with hard hitting truths?

Committed to creating your best higher self in your present form?

Willing to see your current reality but with cosmic guidance in the mix?

I may be the oracle for you.

I offer one on one tarot card readings over the phone, skype, and email. 

The longer the reading the more in depth it is. I pick the type of layout, the type of deck that best suits the question and the time frame chosen. Some of the decks that I currently have are The Dreamscapes Tarot, The Hermetic Tarot, and ect.

Phone Reading

15 minute reading = $25
30 minute reading = $50
45 minute reading = $90
60 minute reading = $120


Skype Reading

30 minute reading = $70

60 minute reading = $135


Email Reading

$10 for a simple one card reading emailed to you. I do not do follow up questions. If desired I suggest a regular reading.


Life Coaching with Lady Luna

I have recently become a certified life coach through courses on expert rating. I am still studying and will be achieving even stronger certifications and growth, but I am open to taking practice clients at a reduced rate of $50 an hour.

Some people have a specified goal and want short term life coaching and some want the benefits of having a life coach with specific and nonspecific goals. I can help with both.

Why hire a life coach?

Hiring a life coach helps you achieve your most important goals, staying accountable, gaining perspective while at the same time having someone hold space for you, helping you cultivate, and providing you with tools to help you do it. It can help you become a stronger person whose learned skills help you have a better quality life!  That being said it can help cultivate and inspire your relationships with other people in your life in even more positive ways. Many life coaches offers niches and some are general coaches. I offer general coaching, but I have a holistic approach that can include many aspects of your life. 

If you are interested in embarking on brand new journey please email me at for further information.


Lady Luna

tarot readings and life coaching

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